Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week #6-Arrival at the Retalhuleu Mission Home

hey! I made it here all safe in Reu. It´s pretty sick here! It´s like a million degrees! President Ruiz is like the sickest guy in the world. He is an awesome guy! But yeah this mission I guess is the third highest baptizing mission in central america which is awsome! So hopfully I get to work soon! We just ate McDonalds at the mission home! They only give me 4 minutes so I have to go fast! Anyways I find out who my compañero is tomorrow so Ill email you on thursday! Sorry about Ben too that freaking sucks! Love you! talk to you later.

The above pictures were posted on Facebook by the Mission President, President Ruiz. And the "Ben" Bryson is referring to in the above email is Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers QB who got hurt, haha.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week #5-El Ultimo Semana

Well its the last week! Im so excited to finally go out to el campo on Tuesday! I cant believe I finally get to start my real mission!
     I was sorry to hear about Elder Scott passing away! We watched a devational by him on Sunday and it was incredible! He was such a kind guy! They talked about how his wife died a while back so at least he can be with his wife again! What a great guy! Anyways yeah the whole MTC was in mourning! They told us an hour after he died! It was really sad! But hey Im sure he´ll be a lot happier up there!
     So I have been talking a lot with the Latinos because we actaully have Latinos on our floor which has never happened! So we trade ties a lot and they tell me about what Guatemala is like and some of them are from Retalhuleu and they are just the greatest people! There is this cleaning lady named Hermana Norma and she is the most wonderful funny lady in the world! She was the cleaner for the second floor classrooms and we got moved to the first floor which sucks because so more Hermana Norma! But then I realized that I get to teach thousands of Hermana Normas and give them an oppurtunity to have better lives and a better eternity! I love Guatemalans!
     My new maestro is named Hermano Galindo and he served his mission in Orlando so he knows really good English and his english accent is incredible even though we dont really speak english much anymore but he is such a great guy! I found out that he only makes ??? american dollars an hour here! And he could be making ??? a month! But he says he just loves being around the missionaries so much that it is worth it! Guatemalans are the greatest people on earth. Im so happy to be serving here! Hermano Galindo asked Elder Fr... and I to teach the new kids what to do to learn Spanish! It made me feel good because I think he thinks me and Elder Fr.. spanish is mejor. But yeah that was cool that he chose us!
    I traded this beautiful floral tie for 6 of Elder T....! It was the greatest deal of all time! Elder T....really liked that tie and I got six more ties out of it so it was a good trade I think! But I did really like that tie! It was so good looking!
    Im really going to miss Elder Fr. They do the companionships by alphabetical order but I still know that me getting paried with Elder Fr was divine! He is such a great kid and his humor was like perfect for me! Im going to miss that kid! But oh well! Ill stay in touch with him!
    So the guy who I saw in the temple a while back who I said looked like Liam Neeson is actually a mental health person here and he gave a presentation on Sunday! I also found out he is a 49ers fan! I was going to ask him if he knew who won the Steelers 49ers game but I forgot! Anyways The Steelers are kicking butt! That is so awesome! I sometimes pray for them which is stupid but I think it will help you be more happy if they win so I feel justified in it ha ha!
     Today was the last day Im going to go to the temple for a while which is sad because I love that place! But oh well I´d rather do the work for the living! 
     Last week I played basketball with President Cox and some other missionaries. President Cox is literally LeBron James in white person form! And hes like 3000 years old! He doesnt even look at the hoop and he tosses it up and just scores! Hes a freaking wizard or hes calling angels to help him! Im going to miss him and Hermana Cox! They are such great people and I learn so much from them! 
    I dont know how the whole transition from the MTC to the field is going to be so I dont know when I can email you next but Ill make sure to take pictures and stuff! I sure love you and miss you! Ill probably get to email you on Tuesday but I wont make any promises!
    Yo se que esta obra es verdadera y que el don de lenguas is a cosa real y a don de El Espíritu Santo. Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y nos ama mucho! Esta Iglesia es la verdadera iglesia en el mundo. Dios sabe todas do nuestros problemas, cargas y desfíos. Yo fue llamar por a profeta de Dios y Dios tiene un plan para mi y para todas las personas in el mundo y nos ama individualmente. Yo siento el poder de Dios cada dio porque yo se que Dios esta mirado me. Yo se que hay personas quien están esparado para mi dar les El Evangelio! En el nombre de Jesucristo! Amen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week #4-Good Week!

So this week was really good! I have a lot of fun here! So that rat that I was talking about was not actually a rat! It was some of the Elders who are in the rooms next to us who literally climb around in the ceilings and harass all the people! They have like secret tunnles up there in the ceiling! It is incredible! Anyways they were 6 weekers so they are gone today but I couldnt believe that they were pranking us that long! They were doing it at like three in the morning! Anyways yeah they all left to their missions today which means that we are the most senior group here now! So that is really cool! It also means I dont have to be district leader anymore after this week!
    So I have to go to this leadership meeting ever Sunday to report on how my district is doing! I accidently used the word "excitado" instead of the word "animado" when I was saying that my district was excited to leave the MTC and go out to el campo. But appearantly excitado in Spanish means sexually excited and not just regular excited so that is stupid! An old Latino lady came up to me after the meeting and chewed my ace out in Spanish! But I understood what she was saying so that was good because she was talking really fast! But yeah I guess I cant use that word in Guatemala!
     I think we get to leave the concentration camp today and actually go out into the real world! Im so exited. I just took out 300 Quetzales out of the ATM to buy stuff today if I want to.
    The Latinos all left this week which makes me really sad because I love the Latinos! They are the greatest people of all time! A ton of them are going to Joshs mission so I told ever single one that I saw to tell Josh that I say Chicken fingers! So hopefully they remember! I wrote it down for one fo the people.
    We are loosing one of our teachers! Hermana Simon! She is the greatest and she is teaching the nuevos now which is really sad becasue I seriously loved her! But Ill see her around the MTC luckily! But yeah I couldnt believe it when I heard it! She is the greatest! 
     So just north of the MTC there is a sports bar which we call the great and spacious building. It plays American Football when the games are on! Last night I kept glancing out of the window to try to figure out who was playing in the game because our class room is on the north side of the MTC. I think it was the 49ers but Im not sure! But yeah it made me way to homesick so I had to close the window! But President Lloyd who is the one who reminds me of Jim Cowley because he is the funniest person on earth, told me that the Steelers lost pretty easily but it sounds like from what you said that they played a good game! That is straight crap that freaking Brady was playing! And what the heck is up with them messing with our radio waves! That is so like the Patriots! I loved those pictures that you sent me though! I was so happy to get them! They better rail the 49ers! 
     I got your letters this week! I got the one with the airheads in them on Sataurday and the other one from the DearElder thing yesterday! I seriously loved it! Those airheads were so good! I thought that I would save them but I ate them all Saturday night! Im so stupid!
    Elder Gruber cut my hair and actually did a pretty good job! Its so freaking short! He literally just shaved it off! It was so funny! But it doesnt look terrible! 
      Im still doing great and I miss you guys!  But Ill see you soon! Love you I have to stop writing at 11:10 so that sucks but love you!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week #3 Extra Note-Winner of the Deseret First Missionary Fund Contest

About 3 or 4 months ago, my mom, my daughter and me nominated Bryson for a contest where Deseret First Credit Union donates $1000 to a missionary who is in need of some help. I won't go in to much detail about the story that I submitted, but we got notice today that Bryson had been awarded the $1000!! (They awarded 10 missionaries) They put the money straight in his mission account. For those of you who don't know this, Deseret First has a missionary savings account that pays 15 TIMES the interest of a regular savings account, which still isn't much, but hey, it's worth it. The following is Bryson's response when I told him he had been awarded the money:

Mom! Im crying I cant believe that! That is the most incredible thing I have ever heard! I swear the blessings just come! Being a missionary is great! Ill give you more stuff in a minute.

Week #3-Enfermo (which means "ill" in Spanish haha)

So I finally got sick last Friday which really sucked! It was by far the most sick Ive ever been! Also before I start this keyboard does not have question marks so Ill just do too exclamation points for a question mark! Anyways it started Thursday morning with just a sore throat! Then my body started to ache really bad and then I had a really bad fever. So I woke up at 5 in the morning on Friday and I threw up and it sucked because I didnt have anything in my stomach. Then I woke up an hour later and threw up again and I just decided that I would just shower. So I was waiting for the shower to heat up because I was freezing because of my fever and it just wouldnt heat up. It took 15 minutes. So while I was in there waiting for it to heat up I was just praying and praying that I would be okay. And just repenting and repenting for everything that I did because I have never been so humbled in my life! I was just crying in the shower feeling bad for everything that I did in my life and everything! It was the worst 15 minutes of my life. Then I used that really nice shampoo that makes your head tingle and that didnt even help me! I was so humbled and sad and cold and in so much pain! Anyways so I got ready for the day and then I threw up two more times while my district was doing personal study in the classroom and I threw up in the bathroom and it was so violent and loud that everyone in the whole hallway and the classroom heard me! Which is kind of funny! Anyways my teacher told me that I needed to go up to the room and sleep so I did. And then came the friendly wake up from President Cox! So he is the nicest person to ever live. He knocked on the wood on the bed and when I opened my eyes I was looking right at him and I almost screamed! But he came in to check up on me and told me that I was the new District Leader. So now Im the district leader which is kind of hard. Anyways I hallucinated pretty bad because of the fever but I eventually felt better and today I feel really good!
     Also I have been so sad that I didnt go to the Taylor Swift concert. I literally have every single one of her songs stuck in my head every minute of my life! Ever since Shalese turned 22 I have had 22 stuck in my head! And me and some other people from my district sing her songs all the time and it just makes me feel sad but happy at the same time! Taylor Swift is una Diosa. Anyways tell me if she comes out with a new album!
     The nuevos Latinos that come in this week are so awesome! They love american music so we are always talking about that. A ton of them are going to Joshs mission! I tell them to look for the muy rubio Elder! Ha ha! I really miss my friends and my family but the people in my district are really great and they are kind of like family right now. So thats nice! 
      There is this kid named Elder Mickelson. I call him phil. But he has a ring stuck on his finger and he cant get it off because his finger is so swollen! I feel so bad for the kid! Also there is this nuevo here and his name is Elder Ozunian! He is related to that Kaitlyn Ozunian girl who I know from high school.
     So I cant believe Im having another nephew! I totally thought it would be a girl and it isnt! Oh well Kingston! That is a cool name! Im going to call him Sean probably. Anyways love you! Tell me how the Steelers are doing! Also Elder Tagg did not have bed bugs which was funny. I cant receive videos and I hate Tom Brady. 
      Ill talk to you soon! Love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Picture off Facebook of the Missionaries and the CCM President and his wife

                                        Bryson is on the second row, 4th from the right :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

He also sent the following short email to me about his haircut & the Steelers.....He's a BIG STEELERS fan!!

Yeah, they cut my hair, but it looked literally exactly the same. They chose a bunch of people who the felt had too long of hair and they debated over me for like 4 minutes. Anyways tell me about the steelers and stuff! Did they win their game? Also the regular season has to start soon! keep me updated I have a lot more steelers stuff that I wrote in my letter!

Week #2

                                              I was SO HAPPY to get his picture today!

So I just came to realize that I'm just going to have you look over the emails and take what you want out of them to send to people! Ha ha! So this place is reallty boring so I never know what I'm going to write in my journal or in my letters! But the good news is that I haven't gotten sick yet because they say that you get sick right around the time of the next transfer! So tomorrow I should be getting what they call the ´¨double Dragon¨. They call it that because fire comes out from both sides of your body which is awesome. Also I still don't know how to use this Spanish keyboard! Anyways I'll tell you when I get some bad Diah!! I'm so excited for it!
    So Elder Nelson talked to us on Sunday. He was supposed to talk to us live in Guatemala City last Tuesday but because of all the political stuff he went to El Salvador and did it instead! The only two missions that went were Tegucigalpa and Comayuguela (no idea if I spelled those right). So poor Josh missed President Neilson by like a week! But we got to all watch it live from the MTC. It was incredible! He mentioned this dream that he had where two girls that he opperated on 50 years ago came to and told him that they weren't sealed to anyone and that they wanted to be sealed to their family. So Elder Nelson went out and found these girl's family and their dad was still alive luckily! So he went up to the dad and told him that he needed to work to get back to the temple so that they could  be sealed to him and the guy made it to the temple and he's like 88 and he hadn't been active in the Church since he was a Deacon! It was reallly cool and personal.
      Also something that has been kind of nice and anoying at the same time is that I have had Invisible Touch stuck in my head by Phil Collins since I got here. It's a great song but by now it's just killing me! 
     So Harvey Langi's brother is in the MTC with me! He is such a cool kid! I saw his last name and I was all like dude are you Harvey Langi's brother and he was! If you don't know who Harvey Langi is, he's a linebacker for BYU and they made this sundance movie about him and football in highschool. A lot of my class got to go watch that movie so that's how I know who he is. He went to Highland I think.
    So the stupid rat came back this week and it is like freaking huge I think! It came right over my head and I just hit the ceiling with my shirt and then it goes away. It scared the shiz out of me when I was trying to sleep. I literally screamed and everyone in my room laughed. It wasn't funny though!
    Also today in the temple Liam Neeson was there!!! I swear it was Liam Neeson! And Myrle from The Walking Dead was there too! I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask for their autographs but I was really debating it! It was incredible! Myrle from the walking dead pretended that he didn't speak a lot of English but I know it was just a cover up.
     Also I wrote you, Kelsey and Shalese letters and sent them today. I think they send them out on Friday so expect those in like three weeks ha ha! Yours is the big one mom! 
   Also I've been doing that pnemonic device that helps me learn words like what Colin does! LIke Castigo means punishment in Spanish so I remember that by saying that President Catillo from Colin and Josh's stake is really strict so he is always punishing people. My district can't believe that I can make a connection to any word in my life! 
    Elder Fredrickson is the funniest person ever. Any time he messes up at something he says that he should go an bury himself! He's always talking about jumping out of the window and stuff too! We're pretty morbid! We always have fantasys about pushing eachother out the window or something. He's great though.
     So we get some new people tomorrow. I call them fresca carne which means fresh meat in spanish! It's going to be interesting because a bunch of missionaries that were supposed to go out to Coban today couldn't because of some complications that I won't get in to! So we are going to have no room here tomorrow! 
     Anyways I'm doing good and everything! I'm really happy that Elder Fredrickson and I are still healthy because everyone else has the freaking squirts. It's disgusting. But yeah I'm feeling great! Spanish is really coming along so yeah I miss you guys! I'm getting sick of finidning all of your pictures in my stuff because it makes we miss you guys so much! When the Yale did you find time to put all that stuff in my suitcase! Ha ha just kidding it was really nice! I'll talk to you guys soon. My next P Day is on next Thursday so don't freak out when we don't email you guys for over a week. Also happy birhtday to Shalese today! I almost forgot but then I checked my planner. I'm going to email her right now! We finally get to go out into the city today and maybe place some Libros de Mormón! I'll keep a record of everything that happens in the next 9 days so that you don't miss out on anything!
    Love you and I'll talk to you soon!