Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Second Letter for Week #1

Hi everybody! So the MTC is the greatest place of all time! It has the best food ever which is good because I thought it would taste awful! But yeah everything is pretty good here. It seems like nobody in my district realizes that we are not going home for two years. Everyone here looks like they're 10 years old. Nobody has to shave here except for me. I literally have to shave 75 times a day! The MTC president got mad at me for my beard and I literally shaved the night before! It's not my fault I'm a direct decendent of Sasquatch! Anyways my companion is named Elder Fredrickson and he is a freaking nut! He loves Spongebob and he went to Lone Peak. We are really mean to eachother which is lots of fun because we are both masters of sarcasam.
     I sleep in a room with 5 other guys and I had to have the top bunk which I thought was good because then non of the giant rats could climb into my bed. I thought that until the thrid night, my district leader (who also sleeps on the top bunk) started scratching the cieling tiles as we were trying to sleep. I was so mad that he was scratching the tiles so I yelled, Elder Daurghty! Did you take some idiot pills or something tonight? Because we are all trying to sleep. It turns out it was a rat in the cieling scratching the tile right above Elder Daughty (or however you spell his name). 
    There are a thousand billion rules here! They don't let you eat food or anything outside of the cafeteria. So I was eating food that my family had packed for me, in the classroom and the teacher came in and told me to throw it away! I told him I had diabetes and he let me eat it. So that is good! Well anyways they gave us like 5 minutes to email today so until next week!

Elder Gallagher

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