Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Second Letter for Week #1

Hi everybody! So the MTC is the greatest place of all time! It has the best food ever which is good because I thought it would taste awful! But yeah everything is pretty good here. It seems like nobody in my district realizes that we are not going home for two years. Everyone here looks like they're 10 years old. Nobody has to shave here except for me. I literally have to shave 75 times a day! The MTC president got mad at me for my beard and I literally shaved the night before! It's not my fault I'm a direct decendent of Sasquatch! Anyways my companion is named Elder Fredrickson and he is a freaking nut! He loves Spongebob and he went to Lone Peak. We are really mean to eachother which is lots of fun because we are both masters of sarcasam.
     I sleep in a room with 5 other guys and I had to have the top bunk which I thought was good because then non of the giant rats could climb into my bed. I thought that until the thrid night, my district leader (who also sleeps on the top bunk) started scratching the cieling tiles as we were trying to sleep. I was so mad that he was scratching the tiles so I yelled, Elder Daurghty! Did you take some idiot pills or something tonight? Because we are all trying to sleep. It turns out it was a rat in the cieling scratching the tile right above Elder Daughty (or however you spell his name). 
    There are a thousand billion rules here! They don't let you eat food or anything outside of the cafeteria. So I was eating food that my family had packed for me, in the classroom and the teacher came in and told me to throw it away! I told him I had diabetes and he let me eat it. So that is good! Well anyways they gave us like 5 minutes to email today so until next week!

Elder Gallagher

Week #1

Finally! The first letter came!

Hey mom! So I dont have spell check so my spelling is going to be horrible! So our P days are different every week it look like! But this place is so awesome! The food here is incredible! And on the first day I was so tired that I literally couldnt even think. They let us sleep for like two hours in the middle of the day after we all did a bunch of interviews! This place is really great though. There is only probably like 200 people in the whole MTC. They segragate the Latinos and the Nortes (North Americans) which is kind of messed up. My companion is literally the funniest person of all time! He went to Lone Peak and he loves Spongebob. And he knows really good Spanish. He is also the most sarcastic person to ever exist! But yeah he's an awesome kid! We are so mean to each other all the time and it's perfect becasuse everyone here tries to be so nice and it gets so feaking anoying! Also that kid that we met at the airport is in my district! His name is Elder Daughrty. The temperature here is perfect! It literally is the perfect temperature every single day. I guess the city has really nice weather but in Retalhuleu it is not so great. It's a lot hotter out there! But yeah I am really enjoying this place so far. LIterally the first and second day felt like 7000 weeks. I've never been so shocked by how slow time can go. I was working really hard the first week and I got so good at Spanish! But now I just can't keep doing that all day. My favorite part so far has been the Latinos. They are the greatest personas to ever live! They are so nice and love to try to teach you Spanish! I better get a native companion every single companion while I'm out in the field. So President Nelson was supposed to come to the city for a devotional on Tuesday! It turned out that there has been some pretty crazy riots and stuff in the middle of the city because the President and the Vice President are really corrupt and everyone want to kill them! Ha ha! We had some protestors pass by the MTC last night! It't fun to watch. The MTC is really well gaurded! There's guys with like AR-15's everywhere! But yeah this place is awesome! We just got back from the temple and the session was kind of weird in Spanish. But we did the whole veil thing in English luckily and I remembered the whole thing. The rest of my Districto were really impressed! Ha ha! Anyways I really miss you guys. I had a dream last night that it was the night before I left and I was hanging out with Brady and the entire time I wanted to get home to be with you! So I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with you before I left because I'm really regretting it now! I seriously need a coke though. I thought they were going to have coke and they don't. It bull ship. But yeah anyways they didn't give us a lot of time to email today so I'm going to have to hurry! My P day next week might be on Tuesday or Wednesday or something! Also there's no way I'm going to have enought time to email everybody so take all the emails off of my Instagram picture and send them the email that I'll send you in like 30 minutes and send it to them and everything. Sorry I know that will take a while but I feel bad if they don't get my emails! Anyways love you guys so much! I'll email the rest of the family in a second. If you have any questions, just ask me!

Love, Elder Gallagher

Monday, August 24, 2015

1st Email-"Made it!" Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Well I made it here okay! The plane ride was pretty fun! We had 40 elders on the flight which was pretty cool. My companion is a white kid from Utah and his name is Tanner Fredrickson! What are the odds? (Like the game) Anyways I can´t eat worth crap. I need to pee so freaking bad! Not one bathroom break for like 12 hours really is not good at all! Well they only give us 5 minutes so I´ll email you guys later! Love you!

It was so good to hear that he had "made it" there safely. We got a good laugh about this because my oldest daughter, Shalese, dated a kid in high school who's name is Tanner Frederickson, so that's why Bryson says "what are the odds?" It was pretty funny. I'm anxiously awaiting another email to see how his week went!

Airport day Tuesday August 18th, 2015

The day I've been dreading has come! Bryson flew out of Salt Lake City Airport on Tuesday night at 8:25 pm. He had a short layover in LA and then he flew through the night to Guatemala. Hardest day ever, but I'm so proud of him and I wouldn't want him anywhere else. When we went back to my house, the girls and I went in to Bryson's room to have a cry fest, haha, and he had left letters for all 3 of us on his bed. He is such a sweet boy! Love him so much!
I sure love this boy!

Kelsey (his twin) & Bryson

Bryson with his older sister, Shalese, brother-in-law, TJ and nephew, Titan

With cousin Ryan

With Aunt Caren

With Grandma James

With Max, Nessa and Anna

With Cousin Ryan's Family, Ryan, Jordyn, Max, Emily, Anna & Vanessa

Titan holding Uncle Brys' hand

Family Pic :)

Collage, we sure are going to miss him!

Setting Apart as a Missionary- Monday August 17th, 2015

Left to right: Brett Finklea, President Craig Smith, President Jeff Anderson, Bryson, Tim Price, Tyler Price, Jason Potter (step-dad)

Tim, Tyler & Jenae Price (friends and neighbors. Tyler will be leaving for the Provo MTC the following Wednesday to serve in the Texas Forth Worth Mission)

Grandma James and Bryson

Craig and Kristin Smith (Craig is a member of our Stake Presidency and they are great family friends! Their son left that morning to serve in Madrid Spain)
This was a great and emotional night! We didn't have alot of family or friends here (Bryson was the last to leave of his friends) but those who were here are very special to our family! We appreciate the love and support.

Temple Day August 11, 2015

Bryson and me at the Bountiful Temple. He had patiently been waiting for this day! His Uncle Gerry Ekker was his escort. The picture isn't great since it was so dark out.

August 9th-Ordination and Farewell Day

Me (his mom) with Bryson after the crowd had left, haha!

Bryson and his Grandma James
Bryson was ordained an Elder by his Uncle Chuck Shaw right before church. He then spoke during Sacrament Meeting and we had a luncheon at the house afterwards. The house was packed! We had so much support  from family and friends. It was a great day!

August 8th-18th Birthday

Bryson and Kelsey finally turned 18! Bryson had been patiently waiting for this day. Now he can be ordained and Elder and finally go through the temple!

Mission Pics

In July we met an incredible photographer at Memory Grove in Salt Lake City to take mission pics. I'm so happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bryson has a twin sister, who will miss him like crazy!

Opening Day!

It all happened on Friday, April 24th, 2015. We had a house FULL of friends and family. There was a large map of the world set out for everybody to guess where Bryson would be serving. Not 1 single person guessed anywhere in Guatemala! Bryson' brother-in-law, TJ, guessed the closest with Nicaragua.